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Chocolate lovers beware: SensoPLUS will participate in the CHOCO TEC 2018 from 03.12.-05.12.2018 in the Congress Center North of the Kälnmesse.

Here the link to the website of CHOCO TEC 2018


SensoPLUS Customer event at EVZ

We look forward to seeing the game of the EV Zug against Lausanne HC in the course of a convivial evening with our customers on January 11th.

Here is the link to our local and successful sports club


Digital Sensory – The theme of the DLG Lebensmitteltag Sensorik 2019!

At this conference SensoPLUS will hold the interesting lecture “Digitalization in the field of tension consumer and sensory quality assurance”.

Here is the link to the DLG Food Day 2019

November 2018

Shortly before the finely scented Advent season, the highlight of the season for all bakers, the 69th conference for bakery technology in Detmold (D) took place with almost 300 participants. SensoPLUS’s contribution in the lecture “Digitalisation in sensory quality management” was to help bakeries to keep their focus on their creative core business.

In addition the press report of the meeting

October 2018

SensoPLUS has the newly published DLG expert knowledge on «Food Sensor Technology 4.0 – Importance and Perspectives of Digitalization in the Food Industry sensory quality control and product development ».

Here the link to the article (only in german)

We are represented at this year’s ZDS-Innoforum (9th / 10th October 2018) with a lecture and a workshop.
Our topic is: Practical, transparent quality management in the digital environment, focus on SensoTASTE.

Here the link to the program of the ZDS Innoforum (only in german)

Septmber 2018

SensoPLUS in the current Werbewoche about the subject of aroma marketing.

Here the link to the articel in Werbewoche (only in german)

August 2018

HEV Schweiz: Healthy food is on everyone’s lipse

Here the link to the article (only available in german)

January 2018

SensoPLUS and DLG quality assurance

Change from analog to digital

November 2017

SensoPLUS conducted a workshop on Sensor Technology Software at the IG Sensorik-Symposium 2017.

IG Sensorik – Symposium 2017, 08. November 2017, Wädenswil, Schloss


SensoPLUS was represented at the Anuga in the SWISS Pavillion.

Anuga 2017, TASTE THE FUTURE, 07.-11- Oktober 2017, Köln Messezentrum

April 2016

SensoPLUS was represented on the 26th of April 2016 with a booth on the 10th day of Swiss market research.

Research Summit Switzerland 2016, 10. Tag der Schweizer Marktforschung, 26. April 2016, KKL Luzern

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz June 2018

Schoggi-Glacé in the audience test: big differences in taste

Hier der Link zum Artikel

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz November 2017

«Zimetstärn hanni gärn …» – Weihnachtsguetzli in the audience test

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz August 2017

Cervelats in the audience test

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz May 2016

The best french chips in Switzerland: The audience has decided

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz August 2015

The best ice tea: The audience tasted

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz February 2015

Oven French fries in a mass test: From soggy to crispy

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz September 2014

Cling films in the test: The audience has decided

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz December 2013

Sparkling wine and champagne in the test: Swiss foams on top

SensoPLUS-Tasting at Kassensturz January 2013

Even cheap raclette tastes good